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Transformation of working migrants’ identity as one of the component part of the becoming of Russian civil society

Project's geography: Russia, Kazakhstan, the Kirghiz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.  

Object of research — the search for efficient mechanisms of adaptation and integration of migrants into modern Russian society taking into consideration the study of transformations of economic migrants' identity and with preservation of Russian identity as well as development of traditional cultural wealth and the civil society.  

Key project tasks:

  1. To organize wide discussion on developing proposals to create efficient mechanisms and models for adaptation and integration of migrants into unified legal socio-economic and cultural field of Russia with an accent on preservation of Russian identity and development of the civil society.
  2. To form the base for discussion on the results:  The study of the specific of attracting politics of domestic and foreign migrants on the domestic enterprises and identifying the emerging problems and their causes; ·        

The research of the effects of attracting domestic and foreign migrants to domestic enterprises in the short and long term, taking into account the impact of migration flows on the habitat of receiving society and the after-effects for the becoming of Russian identity. ·        

The discovery of the nature of migrants' identity transformation and the practice of their communication:

-          Within the community of economic migrants;

-          Between economic migrants and the receiving Russian society;

-          Between economic migrants and their compatriots at home.

The study of the formation, principles of functioning, organizational structure of migrants'  networks, as well as motivation, typical individual life strategies of migrants and their socio-cultural orientations and everyday practices.

  1. To present the results of the project for Russian and international audiences on special platform during The 69 UN General Assembly session in the framework of the thematic discussion.

  First phase is preparation (Nov- Dec 2013) and it includes:  

1. Desk study. Result: an overview of materials on the task is prepared 

2. Formation of key hypotheses and research methodology. Result: a comprehensive research methodology, including the necessary tools is developed 

3. Carrying out of the initial workshop. Result: the methodology of the project is verified because of the expert discussion

4. Creating the Web project page on the Foundation «Eurasia Heritage» internet resources with the possibility of technologies web2.