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Thinking Russia: Description of Modern Intellectual Trends

«Thinking Russia» is a project of the Eurasia Heritage Foundation which is aimed to describe and analyze the present state of the Russia»s intellectual realm. The project»s objective is to represent main intellectual tenets especially in the fields of politics, economy and sociology. The project also comprises the review of some issues that are of importance in terms of the current Russian social and political reality, such as demographic, migratory, regional geography and rural sociology problems. Additionally, the project exposes the foreign image of Russia»s intellectual realm. The project attracts authors representing the whole variety of different schools-of-thought.

The first outcomes of the work are summed up in the analytical essay «Thinking Russia: Description of Modern Intellectual Trends« (in Russian).

The project is coordinated by Vitaliy Kurennoy, Philosopher, Professor of the Higher School of Economics (Russia), Editor of the Russian literary and philosophic journal «Logos».