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Acute issues of migration policy

The expert platform for working out the recommendations to the government bodies how to follow the policy of migration and naturalization in Russia.

In 2006 the Eurasia Heritage Foundation launched the expert workshop to discuss the important problems in the sphere of migration, naturalization and demography. Senior scholars, experts, government officials, representatives of NGOs and businessmen take part in the workshop.    

The materials of the expert workshops and round tables are available in Russian.

The Eurasia Heritage Foundation in association with Patris Lumumba Peoples Friendship University of Russia launched a series of workshops devoted to the problems of human development in Russia. 

The series opened on April 21, 2006 with a workshop entitled «Influence of Labor Migration on Socio-Economic Development of Host Countries: Experience in Russia and Abroad». The workshop was conducted by Sergey Rjazantsev, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Demography Department of the Institute of Social and Political studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Patris Lumumba Peoples Friendship University of Russia.