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  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the world's major specialist universities in economics and social sciences. Since its foundation in 1895 the LSE has had a strong impact on the shape of the modern political world. A total of 13 LSE alumni or staff members have been awarded Nobel Prizes, nine of them are laureates of Nobel Prize in economics: John R. Hicks (1972), Friedrich August von Hayek (1974), James E. Meade (1977), Sir Arthur Lewis (1979), Merton Miller (1990), Ronald H. Coase (1991), Amartya Sen (1998), Robert Mundell (1999), George Akerlof (2001). Around thirty-three past or present heads of state or heads of government are graduates from the LSE.

  • "Development Center" Economic Studies Foundation

    «Development Center» Economic Studies Foundation is an independent Russian think tank created in January 1999. Development Center focuses its research activities on the analysis of the economic situation in Russia and the economic policy of the Russian government with the emphasis on the macroeconomic analysis and the banking system analysis. The Center cooperates with the international organizations and is financed by the Russian and foreign companies.

  • "NOVAK" Laboratory of Axiometrical Research

    «NOVAK» Laboratory of Axiometrical Research is a private independent service specialized in sociological research in the field of marketing, media and public opinion in Belarus. Since its creation in 1992 the «NOVAK» Laboratory has focused its research activities on studying the values of human behavior. In cooperation with foreign partners «NOVAK» conducts numerous international surveys on the territory of Belarus among which the most important are «World Values Survey», «Eurobarometer», surveys for the World Bank.

  • "IMAGE" Communicative Technologies Center

    «IMAGE» Communicative Technologies Center is the largest consulting and research company in Kazakhstan. «IMAGE» Center assists in creating the system of social and marketing communications. The Center is also engaged in the social and political, marketing and mass media research projects. Careful selection and training of the staff enabled the «IMAGE» Center to study the state of public opinion and the dynamic development of political processes during the election campaign in Kazakhstan in 2004.

  • The Social Monitoring Center

    The Social Monitoring Center is one of the most competent research institutions of Ukraine, having a wide experience of carrying out both quantitative and qualitative sociological researches, including exit-polls during presidential campaigns in 1999 and 2004. The Social Monitoring Center focusеs its research activities mainly on studying the social and economic processes in Ukraine and sociopolitical orientations of various groups of the Ukrainian society.

  • "ZIRCON" Research Group

    «ZIRCON» Research Group is one of the oldest Russian independent private companies that specializes in the social and marketing researches, policy analysis, political and management consulting and publishing activities. The intellectual products of the «ZIRCON» Group are intended for the widest audience of customers: academic institutes, NGOs, political associations, government agencies and entrepreneurs. «ZIRCON» Group cooperates with the leading Russian sociological centers and belongs to several professional associations.

  • The Center for Strategic Studies of the Volga Federal District

    The Center for Strategic Studies of the Volga Federal District is an expert network organization created in 2000 for studying and working out the methods of management of development. The Center specializes in the analysis of processes of spatial development, formation of the social capital and updating of the innovative potential of the Volga Federal District. The analytical reports and recommendations of the Center are used in the department of the Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation to the Volga Federal District.

  • Association of Cultural Managers (АCM)

    Association of Cultural Managers (АCM) is a professional non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide conditions for public acknowledgement of the profession «cultural manager» and to secure some standards of the creative work in the social-cultural sphere. The Association was established in May 2003 by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and the Non-Profit Partnership «Automation of museums and information technologies». ACM mission is to support and promote professional community of cultural managers in Russia. ACM carries out the joint projects with the participation of business and government agencies.

  • "Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS"

    «Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS» is a nonprofit partnership established in 2002 by the CIS Executive Committee, the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and companies of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. «Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS» promotes integration programs and joint projects within the CIS, assists in creating a civilized market of business information and fosters business cooperation in the CIS. The Eurasia Heritage Foundaion is one of the founders of Business Center for the Economic Development of the CIS.

  • The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences is a Russian-British Postgraduate University

    The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences is a Russian-British Postgraduate University which offers Master's degrees to students of the Russian Federation and other countries. The Moscow School aims to integrate the best aspects of British and Russian academic traditions and does this using the latest teaching methods and learning facilities. All students may obtain both Russian and British postgraduate qualifications. The Moscow School is a non-profit making institution which is supported by a number of international foundations and organizations. The School is closely allied to the Academy of National Economy of the Government of the Russian Federation which was instrumental in its creation.

  • «Eurasian Monitor»

    «Eurasian Monitor» is a series of surveys regularly performed in the countries of the post-Soviet space. The project in many respects adopts and develops the ideas of Eurobarometer, which produces reports of public opinion of certain issues relating to the European Union across the member states, and other similar projects that are implemented in different parts of the world (Afrobarometer, Latinobarometer and others).

  • The Foundation of Alexander Knyazev

    The personal website of Alexander Knyazev, famous historian, specialist in Oriental studies, and political scientist. The Foundation of Alexander Knyazev conducts the researches in the sphere of social sciences connected with the security problems, social and other conflicts. The Foundation publishes the annual collected articles «Afghanistan and security of Central Asia» with the participation of the foreign senior scholars and experts, the series of books «Russia and the Russians in Central Asia». The Foundation has also issued a number of publications, organized some international social and political and academic forums, photo exhibitions and documentaries.

  • The Center for Public Processes Studies

    The Center for Public Processes Studies was established in 2000. The Center carries out projects on promotion of interests of the civil society groups. The interaction of all the civil society sectors and communication among the interest groups are the keystone to realization of those projects. The Center studies the social and political processes and provides consulting services in the sphere of management, law, education, social development.

  • The Center for Social and Political Studies «Strategy»

    The Center for Social and Political Studies «Strategy» is a non-government organization, which was founded in June 2001. The main goals of the organization are: working out and implementation of the social and political, image and marketing research projects and providing consulting services. Gulmira Ileuova, sociologist, is a head of the Center for Social and Political Studies «Strategy».

  • The Center for Social and Political Studies «Korshinos»

    The Center for Social and Political Studies «Korshinos» is a non-government organization established in 2006 by the academicians from the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan. The goal of «Korshinos» Center is to establish links between the civil society and government, which would strength the civil society institutions. «Korshinos» carries out qualitative (interviews, content-analyses, expert interviews, focus-groups) and quantitative (public opinion polls, interviews) researches. The Center has experience of cooperation with the government agencies as well as with the international organizations. Pulat Shozimov, philosopher, is a director of the Center.

  • Institute of Social Studies and Analysis

    Institute of Social Studies and Analysis is a non-government and nonprofit organization established in 2000. The main activities of the Institute are as follows: research work, which implies the quantitative, qualitative and marketing studies on such issues as education, politics, NGOs, public health, business, etc; the support for higher and secondary education and social sciences.

  • IPM Research Center

    IPM Research Center was established in 1999. IPM Research Center facilitates a dialogue on the issues of economic development of the country with civil society and state organizations. It also provides an information and analytical support to Belarusian and foreign companies and to international organizations operating in Belarus. The main activities of the IPM Research Center are monitoring, analysis and forecasting of Belarusian economic development, economic research and elaboration of economic policy recommendations, promotion of dialogue on the issues of economic development through conferences and workshops, publication of the results of researches conducted by Belarusian and foreign economists in ECOWEST journal, and training of specialists in the field of modern methods of economic analysis. Igor Pelipas, PhD in Economics, is a director of the IPM Research Center.

  • Russkiy Mir Foundation

    Russkiy Mir Foundation is Russia-based organization, established in June 2007 for the purpose of promoting the Russian language, as Russia's national heritage and a significant aspect of Russian and world culture, and supporting Russian language teaching programs abroad. The Russkiy Mir Foundation is a joint project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Science and supported by both public and private funds. The Russkiy Mir Foundation is headed by Vyacheslav Nikonov, Dean of History and Political Science at the International University in Moscow and founder of the Polity Foundation. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees consists of prominent Russian academics, cultural figures, and distinguished civil servants, and is chaired by Lyudmila Verbitskaya, President of St. Petersburg State University and Chair of the International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers (MAPRYAL).

  • Donors forum

    Donors Forum is a nonprofit partnership of grantmaking organizations. The mission of the Russian Donors Forum is to enhance the effectiveness of organized grantmaking that aims to support the development of a democratic civil society in Russia. Natalia Kaminarskaya is an Executive Secretary of the Donors Forum. The Eurasia Heritage Foundation is an associated member of the Donors Forum.