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22 May 2013

expert of the Foundation Maxim Starchak graduated from the study «Development of nuclear energy in Russia and the question of uranium`s providing in cooperation with the CIS-counries»

The study was conducted with the support of the Eurasian development Bank and the Russian Foundation for basic research

The paper contains the study of the development of world and Russian nuclear power industry, the state of the uranium mining industry, current and future needs of the uranium raw materials. The author reveals the present challenges of Russian uranium mining and suggests that uranium deposits in the CIS countries become an alternative. The author analyses the development of the uranium industry in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine and estimates the position of foreign companies and the potential of Russia to expand its presence.

Quantitative indicators such as the volumes of controlled resources and annual uranium mining for each country that mines uranium in Kazakhstan were for the first time estimated by the author during his research. This paper presents the problems that have not been researched for a long time. They are: the estimation of the development of the uranium industry, its prospects and potential for foreign partners in Tajikistan and Kirgiz Republic, the former uranium mining states, and in Armenia that is considered perspective for uranium mining.