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15 January 2013

We shall be grateful to all current and future participants of the Civil G20 forum 2013. Any substantial comments are most welcome

Dear colleagues!   This year Russia is taking presidency in G20.

Civil society has great opportunity to send in to G20 leaders its proposals and recommendations on the key themes, determined as Russia's presidency priorities.   All the recommendations will be considered by civil society working groups. The position documents and the Address to G20 leaders will be drawn up on its basis. At the meetings of G20 the documents will be reported to sherpas of G20 by the civil society delegates. More details about the history of G20 can be found on  

crowd-sourcing Web-platform ‘Civil 20 Dialogues' ( starts on 15 January 2013.

The main goal of this platform is to collect recommendations and suggestions from the civil society to the G20 Leaders on 7 topics:  

Environmental Sustainability and Energy;

Food Security;


Post MDGs;

Financial inclusion and financial education;

Jobs and Employment;

Global Financial Architecture;    

Web-platform gives you an opportunity to observe and discuss other participants' recommendations, get acquainted with the main positioning documents on each topic, create your own recommendation and also vote for one or another recommendation. According to the working groups plan, the first round of discussions will take place from 15 till 29 January. Then every group participant will be offered to vote for the recommendations.

The second round of the dialogues will be held in March-April.

In order to join the ‘Civil 20 Dialogues' network, you need to register on using your real name, surname and e-mail address. Choose one on several working groups and join them by following the group's page and clicking ‘join us' button. Only the groups participants can submit their suggestions, participate in the discussions and vote (others can only read suggestions and documents).   How to create your recommendation?    Prepare a recommendation text no more than of 60–70 words addressing the topic's problem.   

For instance, ‘In order to ensure equal employment opportunities, the governments should encourage the private sector to create appropriate employment conditions for  vulnerable groups of population and contribute to the development and promotion of best corporate practices'. This is the recommendation's BODY. The SUBJECT could be then ‘Measures for creating jobs for vulnerable groups of population' (example).   Your recommendation could be more detailed, i.e. contain a suggestion on specific business stimulation measure. However, you should remember, that a recommendation should address all or at least several G20 countries. It should not contain private information. Then you could attach a file, which will explain your recommendation.   We ask everyone if possible to use English, in order to make your recommendation understandable for the network members from all countries. But you may use Russian language, if you have difficulties with translation. For example, you can attach an explaining paper in Russian for Russian speaking members of the working group.   Please pay your attention that groups will be moderated, this is why all irrelevant discussions, spam, or messages violating ethical norms will be deleted.  

We invite everyone to join the ‘Civil 20 Dialogues'!   Civil 20 Secretariat